Managing Frequent Urination during Pregnancy: Causes and Solutions

Pregnant women often have frequent urination during the first and third trimesters. If this frequent urination occurs at night, it can disrupt sleep and make it difficult for the mother to sleep soundly. Causes of frequent urination during pregnancy include:
  1. Pressure on the bladder from the uterus, which increases in the first trimester and decreases in the third trimester as the fetus's head moves into the pelvic cavity.
  2. Increased excretion of sodium, which leads to increased urination.
  3. Retention of fluid and sodium in the lower legs during the day due to venous stasis and increased venous return at night, leading to increased urine output.

To reduce or alleviate discomfort from frequent urination, the following can be done: 
  1. Empty the bladder when there is a need to urinate.
  2. Drink more fluids during the day.
  3. Do not reduce fluid intake at night to decrease nocturia (frequent urination) unless it is severely disrupting sleep and causing fatigue.
  4. Limit consumption of diuretics (substances that cause frequent urination), such as tea, coffee, and cola.
  5. Sleep on your left side.
  6. Clean and dry the genital area after urination to prevent urinary tract infections.

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